‘Bottoms Up’: New documentary explores cultural obsession with big butts


It continues to be interesting to see the ongoing trend and discussion about butt augmentation. It seems that the directors of the new movie “Bottoms Up” have done a great job in framing the discussion, providing information and being honest about the dangerous and dark side of this phenomenon particularly with women seeking out black market injections. As a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, and genetically curvaceous woman myself I advocate for and believe in empowering women to make choices about their body and to make choices for THEMSELVES, choices that make them feel happier and more confident. Under no circumstances however should a woman put her life at risk with black market injections like mineral oil or fix-a-flat in order to fulfill someone else’s expectations. It is important to be educated and to seek the assistance of a trained plastic surgeon to help you achieve the enhanced shape that you desire. Check out my blogpost “Demystifying Butt Augmentation” to learn more. http://wp.me/p4t7Am-f


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